What is in a name

What’s in a name?

A name is what two or more people meeting for the first time share as part of the greeting ritual and pleasantries. You introduce yourself  by stating your name. It is the start to making an acquaintance; “Hello my name is Biba, pleased to meet you”.

When we know some body’s name, we proceed to formulate judgements about the person, even striking up an entire conversation with them based on how familiar, unique or how strange their name sounds to you. You’ll want to ask them what it means, if they are related to so and so…, who named them and why. As an example Mark Zuckerberg named their new born daughter August, Kim and Kanye named their daughter North, and several other names that some one may find strange or unconventional. But who says names have to be usual, normal or conventional? Who sets the rules or standards? I believe for as long as it holds meaning for you then it is okay.


What is in a name
You get somebody’s attention calling out their name

You know, a name carries with it a lot of baggage and represents things such as your family background, your social standing , even a mistaken identity in case its similar or related to somebody famous , your name may literally open or close doors for you. This is why certain people in a bid to curve out their own identity and career path, change their names in order to shed off any baggage or judgements that come along with the association to that name or person, famous people such as actress Angelina Jolie, a daughter to a very well established Actor John Voight or Singer Katy Perry who wanted to distinguish herself from leading Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy and you live up to the name that you call yourself by. Consequently as you name your child, you should be mindful of the history and meaning of the name you are picking. I actually think that it is even more important when you are naming the child after a particular person in your lineage or circles to take consideration of whether that person’s legacy, character and life is something you’d like the child to live up to and emulate. I do acknowledge that when it comes to sir names or family names one may not have much of a choice but if that name r conflicts with your values or has some negative history associated with it then I would recommend you drop the name.

A name is rich in history
A name is rich in history

On a personal note, my first name Vivian means life or Full of Life, and in retrospect I look at the events of my life and how my life has turned out and I believe that it is in part due to the meaning of Vivian. Each time someone calls me Vivian, they are affirming that I have life and full of it.

Back in the day as a little girl, my nickname was Biba and that is how everybody except called me, except for my parents.I ecretly hated this name and literally would cringe each time someone called out to me. I never knew why I was given this nickname and neither did I know what it meant, it sounded like a joke to me. I thought that it was because the old folks couldn’t pronounce my first name Vivian well and so resorted to Biba. Worsening my dislike for this name, there was an English Language story book in primary school about a goat called bee-bah. The story about bee-bah the goat caused my classmates and other school kids to tease and make fun of me as bee-bah the goat. Growing into a teenager, I dropped Biba and made it known that I didn’t like it.

Fast forward several years as a young adult, I ironically find myself remembering with great fondness this nickname Biba, partly because my parents passed on just before my teenage years and being an only child, I had very few memories about my time with them to hold on to. I even used it for a while as my Facebook user ID because I wanted some anonymity. The remembrance of Biba stirred up feelings of affection and joy, it felt like a part of me that had gone to sleep was awakened and I even felt proud to identify as Biba.

As I was in the process of choosing a domain name for my blog and website, I played around with several names but none of them fit until I thought of Biba and it sounded just right. Surprisingly though, Biba is quite popular on the web with different country variations.

So, at the end of the day it does not matter what your name is and the baggage or opportunities that come along with it, the power lies with you to make the most or least out of it. In case you do not have much of a name, you still can make one for yourself and write your own history.

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