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Any time is tea time

Is any time tea time?

Well, for me ….yes!

Tea is a beverage I enjoy taking and it is one of the most consumed beverages world over.  It  can be enjoyed almost anywhere, any time and you can sip on some tea during various activities such as;

  • While performing your tasks on your work desk,
  • on the couch watching TV or reading a great book
  • in your car as you’re stuck in traffic
  •  in the front yard catching up with your guests / friends
  • in the kitchen as you prep dinner
  • Even in your bedroom just before going to sleep.

In case you are a little hungry you could even accompany (in Uganda we call it escort) the tea with a light snack such as cookies, salted roasted nuts, pancakes (kabs) or with a slice of cake………hmmmm yum!

I occasionally take a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but one thing for sure is that you will never catch me taking a plain cup of tea i.e.  a teabag / tea leaves in hot water and some sugar / honey to sweeten it…..never!

In that regard therefore, I have prepared for you a list of my favourite teas, please note that the spices and herbs that I use are those that I can easily buy from the local fresh food market or grow in my backyard. In the event that I want to take any of those exotic / posh teas I go to a restaurant or café. The tea suggestions below are for hot teas, I also do enjoy Ice teas but homemade ones never seem to turn out as well as the one I enjoy while at a café or restaurant such as the Tamarai Thai restaurant that hosts monthly high tea events.

Generally, the recipe for brewing tea is the same regardless of the spice or herb of choice, and the measurement is according to your taste, I recommend you start with a little bit then increase as you get accustomed to the taste and flavor. The ingredients you need are;

  • the spice or herb such as ginger, cinnamon, mint and so on
  • Tea bag or tea leaves – can be green tea or regular (black) tea or rooibos tea.
  •  A sweetener honey / sugar  if you like it sweet
  • Hot water ( boiling)
  • Sweet, healthy raw organic honey
    Don’t  you just want to let this honey drop on your index finger and you lick it?

To brew a pot or cup of tea, put whatever spice/herb you fancy in a tea pot or cup, pour fresh boiling water on to the spice and add a tea bag in the pot, let it sit / brew for 3 – 5 minutes and enjoy.

Below are my favorite homemade teas;

  1.  Mint tea- I like it because it has a fresh calming effect on me and I feel relaxed afterwards, I prefer taking it in the evening after a long day’s work. I usually find the dried mint leaves more potent in aroma as compared to the fresh leaves. The mint leaves paired with some lemon makes for a better taste. I usually don’t add a tea bag to the brew but in case you prefer to have actual tea then I recommend you use green tea.
  2. Ginger tea. This is one of my favourites teas to take , the benefits of incorporating ginger in our diet is endless including relieving nausea, easing pain and inflammation. Strong ginger tea is also great for relieving sore throat in case you’re developing cough, it’s quite effective and can stop the cough in its tracks especially when paired with raw organic honey.

    Ginger root and powder - bibablog
    Ginger root and powder
  3. Lemon / Lime tea. This tea is very nice and helpful when you have or are developing a cold, it is quite relieving and it also boosts your immunity. Healthy living practitioners always rave about the health benefits of lemon such as cleansing, detoxifying, it is also a natural antiseptic and good for your skin. It is good to incorporate lemon in your diet and beauty regimen.
  4. Cinnamon, this is a very versatile spice. I use it to flavor pastries, teas and curries and as a facial mask paired with honey and lemon juice. Cinnamon is packed with many health benefits and has anti inflamatory properties.For the cinnamon tea, I recommend using the cinnamon sticks and not the ground / powder cinnamon because the store bought cinnamon tends to have impurities.

    Tea time - Cinammon tea
    Cinnamon sticks
  5. Holy Basil aka Mujaja tea. This tea has always been traditionally taken to ease stomach gas and related stomach ailments. As a precaution, I have also heard unverified reports that too much of mujaja tea may cause memory loss.

From the above teas, my constant best is a combo of Ginger+Lemon/lime+Honey tea and I like it in the morning, it tastes great and is packed with health benefits.

So, there you have it and as a side note, I found the phrase “any time is tea time” to mean several things that may not sit well with me or some of my readers. So for the avoidance of any doubt, I am talking about actual tea –  the beverage… read this post with the literal meaning in mind.

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