Staying in my lane
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Staying in my lane


How is everyone doing ? Please know that I appreciate you greatly for your support , you visit my blog regularly and keep up with all the posts I publish on here , I am grateful for each of you and thank you.

In this post I would like to talk about “staying in my lane”….. what does staying in your lane” mean and why is it an art we should master. Staying in my lane does not merely mean to mind my own business but much more. Staying in my lane means that I focus on what I am good at, I focus my energies on what I can do or are able to do and not to be all over the place attempting everything. It also means to know when to mind my business and when I should involve myself in other’s business….. this is what makes it an art. It does not mean that I shouldn’t care or be indifferent about what I see or how my actions impact others. It means that I should find a good balance where I can authentically be me and pursue my purpose in accordance with my talents and abilities without harming others and while bringing good to my circle of influence.

The story of my life is that I operate on the basis and  belief that we are all human beings on a fairly equal footing (you may find this naive but stay with me )  … the equality being that we are all human and created equal. I believe that we are all full of enormous potential and diverse abilities… what makes us different is our upbringing / environment, experience, belief in our selves, determination and a sense of purpose / knowing who you are.

I believe that if someone else can do it, then I can also do it…….. but this belief is not  universal in the context that I can do everything and anything but rather on the premise that  – knowing my interests, abilities and purpose in life (being in my lane) I can do anything and accomplish anything. With this in context, when I am busy in my lane and someone does something that I have never done or didn’t think I could do, it inspires me to also do it or atleast try it. This is healthy competition where the focus is on you being motivated to be better than who you were yesterday – self improvement. This is in contrast to when you do not know who you are ( are not in your lane) you will try to do many unrelated things because somebody else did it or achieved and in the end when left unchecked breeds envy and unhealthy competition where you will do anything to win.

My belief is that each person has their own unique journey and destiny and even where everything about them is identical to someone else’s (environment, circumstances, age, upbringing etc) you still cannot compare them. I do know that competition is good and helps us to be better but also it is important to remember that the motive and focus of the competition matters alot.

Why it is good to stay in your lane

  1. It helps you to prioritise and focus on what is important because you know what you want.
  2. You will attain greater success in achieving your goals and aspirations because you are focused on what you are good at and what concerns you.
  3. You will live a more fulfilled and happy life. You will enjoy living your life because the focus is on you…. you are living your life authentically.
  4. It will improve your overall wellness, staying in your lane is also a remedy to reduce stress and anxiety  You stay out of un neccessary trouble…. when you apply wisdom in minding your own business. Ofcourse sometimes someones business becomes yours.
  5. You will be a more pleasant person to be around and ultimately help others in your circle of influence.

As I close though, I caution you not to make your lane too narrow and constraining. We as human beings are curious by nature and therefore you should excercise a healthy amount of this curiosity by exploring and learning something you knew. This way you will discover  your hidden abilities and interests that you did not even know you had. We are always evolving as people and as such should be open to the evolution process and see what comes out of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and my goal always is to inspire you to take action.

Thank you for coming by,

Blessings always





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