Happy new month and happy birthday to me!

I am an October baby and a Libra girl yay………..

Biba's birthday

Happy October and happy birthday to me! I am always excited about the month of October because it’s my birth month and what  a great way to start off the last quarter of the year with my birthday.

As I steadily navigate my thirties, I have reaised that I actually look forward to my birthday more and do not dread the fact that I am growing older. I am at a stage in my life where where I am happy, I have accepted myself the way I am and comfortable in my own skin. I am less inclined to pleasing people at my own expense and I make no apologies for being me… I have come to the realisation (though late) that I can only be me and that I am the most qualified to be me… this way no one can tell me that I am doing it wrong.

A few years ago when I turned thirty I was unhappy and felt like life was no longer going to be fun and that I had to settle to a boring lifestyle of being a working wife and mom, I felt like everybody and everything was just taking from me and no one was caring or giving to me. I felt emotionally drained, unttractive and unfulfilled . This is when I had two babies under the age of three, work was demanding and the hubby was working in another town miles away and would only come over the weekend, it felt like I had alot on my shoulders. Thankfully, I managed to get out of that phase through deliberating making time for myself to relax and hang with friends as well as accepting help.

As a new mother I was very territorial and protective that no one seemed “worthy” to care for my baby, so I did all the work and it eventually overwhelmed me.

A weakness I have is that I am not good at asking for and accepting help when faced with a problem, so I take in more than I can handle then eventually end up stressed out.

Someone recently asked me if I missed my days prior to marriage and kids and I honestly said no. When I look back, I realised that I embraced and enjoyed every phase and decade in my life, some things could have been hard but in retrospect growth and learning took place.

  • While in my twenties I lived my life and did all those fun things that a young working adult enjoyed. I was single and free, I travelled to several destinations went dancing on very many weekends and had many late nights, attended concerts , motor rallies and team sports such as the corporate league, basket ball and rugby games.
  • At 27, I started my mothering phase and I got so passionate and consumed with motherhood. My career took a back seat , ambition for career  growth went out the window and most of my friendships suffered. I was more focused on being a wife and mother which in some way negatively affected me because I sort of neglected my inner well being and was not refuelling through having a support system outside of my immediate family.
  • Currently in my thirties I am at a stage where I am more aware of who I am and what I want for my life, I am pursuing hobbies and passions that  I had pushed to the back, as well as acquiring some skills and exploring new opportunities. The kids are all in school thus less dependent on me with regards to care and attention. I am getting my head back into growing my career and earning more income and basically living my life and trying to attain full circle wellness in mind, body and soul.

It is also during the month of October that I find myself reflecting on my life , my achievements and the things I would like to achieve. As is the case with most of us,  at the beginning of every year I write down down goals that I would like to achieve and I periodically review my progress and see what I can do so as to get back on track. However, in October I deliberately take stock of what I have accomplished so far and also set new  goals I would like to achieve by my next birthday. I find this very helpful and encouraging when I tick off accomplishments or note progress on some goals, also when I set goals it means I have to make deliberate efforts to ensure that I achieve them.

You may be wondering about how I celebrate my birthday, well its nothing spectacular  and it is usually about family and friends.  This year my birthday weekend found me travelling to Western Uganda for a Marriage give away ceremony – Kuhingira for my sister in law. So celebrations will happen in the course of the week but its usually dinner with Hubby and lots of wine, then a fun family friendly outing with the kids and friends, this involves activities such as swimming and games.

I am curious to know if I have any birthday twins (October First) or atleast Libra readers, I would love to connect and interact with you on the social media platforms linked on the page or through the discussion section.

On another note, October also happens to be The breast cancer awareness month, the next post will focus on breast cancer so please  keep on the look out for it. I will be sharing information on breast cancer, how you can increase your self awareness and also share with those who my not have easy access to information, how you can support those you know that are suffering from the disease and how to reduce your chances of getting the disease or of surviving it.


I do look forward to your thoughts and feedback on this post and past ones.

Thanks for visiting bibablog and for reading,

Blessings, Biba.




  • Karen

    Nice post, it is never too early to be aware of breast issues, my 22 yr old daughter had a small lump removed this year…never assume a lump is normal. Thank you for your post!

  • Jillian Elizabeth

    I cant believe its October already, where did the year go!!! I am loving this post, this month is when I start to reflect aswell. I am in my 20s but starting to feel like I haven’t done nearly enough traveling!!

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