Gratitude challenge day 7
Challenge,  Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude challenge day 7

Gratitude challenge day 7 – I am grateful for my real life angel.

I have made it to day 7 yay!!

But before I get to the challenge, let me wish all the people in Uganda a very happy Janani Luwum Day, February 16th is the day we celebrate and commemorate the life of this very remarkable man. Archbishop Janani Luwum was as the archbishop of the Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1977 and one of the most influential leaders of the modern church in Africa. He was arrested in February 1977 and died shortly after. Although the official account describes a car crash, it is generally accepted that he was murdered on the orders of then-President Idi Amin. I join fellow Ugandan’s and the rest of the world to celebrate his integrity, bravery and leadership in the face of danger to the point of being murdered and thanks to his sacrifice that motivated many others to speak up and take action, Uganda is a better country. Happy Janani Luwum day friends.

Back to the gratitude challenge, the challenge for day 7 is to:  take a picture of one thing, person, place or specific moment that makes you feel grateful and to share it with my your social network.

What I chose to do was share a picture of someone  very special to me that each time I am with her or when I think about her I feel so loved, blessed and grateful….. I call her my real life angel. I have known her since I can remember, I met her when I was about 4 years old and when my parents were alive I knew and called her Aunt Anna, when she was all I had she became my second mom and guardian, my daughters  know her  as Jajja Anna ( Grandma  Anna) and she is the one person on earth that I am sure loves me unconditionally. She has been present and active in all the milestones of my life; she has been in the delivery room with me for all the births, seen me through school, taken on my teenage tantrums like a BOSS ( firm but loving) and happily seen me get married. She thinks I am so smart, beautiful and full of potential, when I need her like the time when I was faced with a very serious health challenge she dropped everything just to be by my side. I love her so deeply and I am so proud to know her, she is the one person I am most terrified of,  I never ever want to let her down.

Below is a version of the picture of us that I shared, we had gone for a wedding party for one of her neices.Day 7 of the gratitude challenge

So let me tell you a little bit more about my angel and why I am so grateful for her.

During the mid 1980’s Uganda was a country ravaged by civil wars and political insecurity, this was the era of coup d’états and many places in Uganda were not safe and the roads were even worse with frequent cases of ambush by armed gangs/ robbers and murderers. It was during this time that my dad (baba) was the branch manager of a bank in a remote town, the road back to our home town was not safe and there happened to be a student nurse whose school term at the nursing school had ended and was supposed to travel back home for the holidays but she could not because it was un safe. Baba was a devout catholic man and was very friendly and close to the Catholic missionaries at the local parish, so the parish priest (father ) talked to him about a certain young girl at the parish who was stranded and was wondering if Baba could host her at his home until it was safe for her to travel back home. I would like to note that my dad was a very friendly and welcoming person we always had people in our home , most times strangers not related to us and it was no issue for him to welcome someone else into our home.

Long story short, the student nurse was Anna and her stay with us during that time marked the start of a beautiful friendship and relationship with my parents. So a few years later my dad died and of all the people my dad had helped and seen through difficult times, Aunt Anna was the only one that remembered his kindness and stuck around, she and mama went on to be even closer friends. She remained in our lives coming to visit and she always carried something for us, usually beautiful clothes or shoes. Her and my mom had this habit of tailor making matching African outfits ( Ankara / Kitenge) out of the same fabric then they would go to a photo studio to take pictures. Six years after baba’s passing my mom also passed on and there seemed to be no one willing to take on the responsibility of caring for me ( my relatives on both sides were bickering) . In the midst of the hopelessness ( I was 14 by this time) she just stood up and said  “I will take care of her” and that is how she became my mom, my guardian and my angel. Thanks to her I never lacked, I went to the best schools in Uganda, my school fees were always paid in time and she never missed any visitation day while I was at boarding school. I was never needy and she would always come with someone ( a mutual friend of hers and mama ) who later became my father figure, they would visit me together at school, and many of my  peers who did not know me thought these were my parents. To this day I still wonder how she did it because she was not earning much, she is a giver at heart and she keeps on giving immensely.

So there you go, my Mom / guardian / aunt / angel is the first person I think of each time the word gratitude comes to my mind.

Who are you grateful for?

Thanks for coming by and blessings always.


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