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Gratitude Challenge Day 6: I am grateful for Uncle V and my grandma.

Gratitude Challenge Day 6

Hey people,

it has been a few days with no updates coming in about the 21 day gratitude challenge. I am happy to say that I did not give up the challenge, I do have a full time job and the past week was so hectic and exhausting that finding time to write a meaningful post became quite hard. I still practiced gratitude on each and every day since my last post and just wrote brief notes in my notebook, I will therefore catch you up on all the days that I did not post ( the last day posted was day 5) because at the beginning of this challenge I set out to share with you my gratitude notes for 21 days.

So lets get on to day 6, the challenge for day 6 was to take a few minutes to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them how much you appreciate them. To be honest I was not so comfortable with following through with this challenge because firstly it seemed dishonest and self serving. I also felt conflicted about my intentions for doing it,  was it because I was following through with a challenge or  was it because I really meant to call and appreciate the the person? I asked myself as to whether I would have still done it without being “told to”.  Anyway, I decided to look at it  from the point of having an opportunity to mend and have better relationships and that the person I called would not know or did not have to know that the reason I am calling was because of a challenge. Also there is nothing wrong with doing the right thing when you have been dared or challenged for as long as you do it meaningfully.

In this regard therefore, I decided to call my Paternal Uncle ( uncle V my dad’s immediate younger bro). I think all families have drama and are dysfunctional in some way, well mine is not immune to drama and dysfunction. So Uncle V and the rest of my paternal relatives are not as close to me as we should be because of some negative things that happened between the two sides of my parent’s families decades ago, I sort of got caught in the middle as a child and I eventually was raised by my maternal relatives and mama’s friend.  Uncle V texts me every now and then with inspirational stuff ( you know those forwarded chain messages) and I in return (after many impersonal texts from him ) call to check on how he and his family is doing.

As I thought about whether or not to call him and what exactly I was going to tell him, I remembered one particular thing that I appreciated him for. My father  (Baba) passed on when I was only seven years old and this was so devastating to me. My dad was my hero, my idol and my best friend, I was a total daddy’s girl and in my eyes he did nothing wrong, so when he suddenly passed it was such a huge blow to me. I am thankful that I had Uncle V to help me cope with Baba’s absense because for a while, he was my father figure and in the best way that he could took care of me and tried to fill in the vacuum left by baba and I wanted to tell him this, among other things.

Well, I did call him and we had a very pleasant conversation. He sounded excited when he realised it was me calling and I got to tell him that I appreciated him for being in my life and that I was sorry for not making much of an effort in visiting him and the rest of the family. The added bonus was that he had travelled for a funeral in the village and his mom – my grandma was with him and he asked if I wanted to speak to her. I of course agreed and I spoke to her, it was such a wierdly funny conversation. She is very old, has lost her sight and does not hear very well so I had to repeat whatever I was saying very loudly. Everyone who knew me as a child calls me Biba and she kept shouuting my name and not believing that it was really me and she told she longed to see me, and I promised to visit her and take her sugar and money as requested.  This left me feeling relieved and joyful on the inside, I felt both grateful and guilty at the same time for holding on to things that happened ages ago. I do promise on my part to forge a better relationship with my paternal relatives and get to know them.

I am so glad I took the day 6 challenge and despite my misgivings, I honestly felt grateful for them because they are part of me and all families have their own drama.

How was your day 6 challenge?

Thank you for coming by and blessings


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