encouraging quotes

Encouraging quotes

Hold off on the encouraging quotes and words

Hi friends,

my previous post about showing up and being present, was inspired by a short piece I wrote a few years back when I was feeling down and not wanting to hear any encouraging quotes or words.  So here it is……..

You say that its darkest at dawn
but how long does dawn last
for it feels like my dawn has lasted forever

You say joy comes in the morning
But when will my morning break
It feels like it has been night all along
How many actual mornings must I wake up to
before it really feels like morning

You say that just before I give up
my breakthrough will comes
but for how long must I hold on?

You say to keep hope alive
but my hope is hanging by a very thin thread
How much longer can this thread hold?


So lets be real, strip down all the barries and be human





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