Day 3 of the gratitude challenge
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Day 3 of the gratitude challenge: My N – Z list of things I am grateful for

Day 3 of the gratitude challenge.

My N – Z list of things I am grateful for


it is day 3 of the gratitude challenge that I started on February first 2018, incase you missed day 2 you can read all about it here. On day three, we continue with the second part of the listed alphabet of things we are grateful  for and today I bring you my N- Z list of things that I am grateful for. As usual, let us share this with our respective social networks as we spread some positivity around, the more the merrier.

Read on below for my N – Z list of things that I am grateful for, and do not hesitate to share your own thoughts and list of things that you are grateful for in the comments section and you may as well Subscribe so as not to miss out on all the posts about gratitude this month plus many other great posts coming up after this series.

N: Name |Nature. Like I have mentioned before I love my name Vivian, I like the meaning and the sound of it. I do not know how my parents came up with it but I am grateful they named me Vivian. I also love nature, specifically with reference to that which  inherently exists or forms the basic constitution of a person or thing, I am grateful for the beauty, diversity and might of nature. I am thankful for the wondrous natural beauty around us.

O: Organic food | Opportunities. I usually say that Uganda is one of those countries where good healthy fresh organic food can be bought very cheaply and unhealthy junk food (mostly fast foods) is more expensive not for the everyday person. For less than a dollar (UGX 3,600) if you go to any local market early in the morning when the farmers have brought in their produce, you could have a weeks’ supply of fresh vegetables. I am also grateful that I can grow my own vegetables in my very small backyard and this greatly supplements on what we need as family, I usually enjoy my home grown vegetables more delicious I guess because Of the effort I put in.

I am grateful for the many vast opportunities out there especially due to the increased access to the internet, opportunities to learn, start a business or earn an income and accomplish one’s goals are limitless, there is a lot of inspiration and ideas out there. All you have to do is to research, ask and take action.

P: Peers | Pears | Popcorn.I am grateful for my peers who a source of motivation, inspiration and support.

I do enjoy them sweet juicy and savory peas, much as it’s imported and quite expensive here, I treat the family to them regularly.

Popcorn in our household is something we enjoy and fight over, it seems we never have enough and we mostly enjoy it with ginger tea in the evening.

Q: Questioning mind | Quotes. If you have interacted with me on a more personal level, you will know that I am such a sceptic and question almost everything and like I have mentioned before if you do not make sense to my over thinking brain you will not hear the end of it. One of my daughters has picked up this trait from me and I find it so annoying, it is always endless and you better come up with good answers for her. It is not nice to be on the receiving end of this scepticism but I am thankful for it all the same because it has also helped me deal with some situations both professionally and at a personal level.

R:  Responsibilities | Rain. I am thankful for the responsibilities I have been entrusted with, it means that someone believes  in me and has confidence in my abilities to deliver on a specific job, I am also grateful for the opportunity and responsibility to care for my children and dependents.

On rain, have you ever experienced that calm rain  (not a storm and not too heavy ) that comes at dawn when sleep is sweetest, and you listen to the sound on the roof of your house? It is like its lulling you back into sleep……..deep sleep and if you take that bait the next time you wake up you will find yourself late or running late for work. I like the morning rain when I am warm and cosy in my bed.

And oh the sweet aroma that the earth gifts us with when it suddenly breaks into rain on a hot sunny day…. (deep sigh). You will only get this if you live or have ever lived in a place that has bare earth, (the ground is not covered in concrete).

S: Sleep | Safety. Sleep is a sweet precious gift to living things, we need sleep so as to rest, healand rejuvenate our bodies. I like the fact that sleep can be so powerful that when it comes you just have to surrender to it, I am thankful that I have no trouble going to sleep, I usually fall asleep as soon as I decide I want to sleep and when I do cheat on the hours my body communicates to me. I am grateful for  a mostly safe home and neighbourhood, that I am not security crazy but God has always protected and kept us safe.

T: Tolerance. I am grateful for my tolerant nature, that I give chances and do not summarily dismiss people, that I always try to understand another person’s opinion.

Uganda: I am thankful for my country Uganda, I am a proud Ugandan and I believe that instead of constantly criticising everybody and everything let us all find out whatever contribution we can make towards making Uganda a great country. I think we do not tell  the story of Uganda well  enough and yet when visitors come in they are full of praises. We are usually our own worst critics and sometimes even curse ourselves. Yet we are culturally rich, nature gifted , with a deliciously rich cuisine, we are food rich with beautiful graceful people.  A great part of our history is getting lost as no one is preserving it by writing it down yet some of our stories are movie blockbuster script worthy. Let us not copy but learn from others , then tell and sell our own story authentically without any dilution.

V: Vulnerability. I am grateful and thankful  when I see our  common humanity when all the walls are broken down and layers are peeled off to reveal the human. Then you discover that we all need, feel and respond to similar things regardless of gender, race , class or nationalty. It is a beautifully emotional thing to witness. 

W: Watoto. The church I go to is  called Watoto and I am so grateful that I have a place that I can go to, to commune and Watoto is a Swahili word for Children and we are all children of God. Watoto church is a place where I feel a sense of belonging and receive my spiritual nourishing from. I love Watoto for  teaching and empowering Christians to know God for themselves and learn to read and research the bible, for teaching me that I have the same access to God as any other powerful preacher/pastor / servant of God and that  I have one life – the christian life and that regardless  of my profession  I can still serve God’s purpose in that capacity……. I love Watoto Church for its family and community focus and for involving and buying us in the overall vision and mission of the church. I love it for catering to our children’s spiritual needs by putting in place resources and facilities for them. Watoto has also impacted the lives of thousands of vulnerable women and children and I am thankful and privileged to be a part of the Watoto Church story.  

X:  Xcercise. Not too many words that one come up with starting with X huh. I am grateful that I have fun, easy and cheap ways to stay healthy and fit. I am not a regular neither am I such a fan of structured exercising ( gym, trainers etc), instead I do a lot of walking, occasional jog and dancing. I play a lot with my kids and do some gardening and other engaging house chores that help keep away  unwanted fat and weight.

Y: You. I am grateful for you that took your time to click a link or type in my web address to check what the blog is up to. I am grateful that you have taken the time to read and look through my blog site. Now I challenge you, if you haven’t already to take on this gratitude challenge and keep visiting.

Z: Zeal |Zen. I am grateful that when I set out to do some thing the rush of energy and passion that floods me enables me to accomplish, I am  thankful that I am able to counsel and motivate myself to keep at the task until it is done.

I am also thankful for the ability to  relax, wind-down and surrender all worries to the universe. I am thankful that I have developed a habit of always squeezing in time for me,  and this helps with my mental and emotional well being. I usually do this through taking a long relaxing bath, meditating and deep breathing, listening to calming music or just being quiet and clearing my mind.

There it is, my complete list of A-Z things I am grateful for. How about you, what is on your list. Kindly share with us in the comments or through your social media network.

Thanks for coming by and blessings always


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