Day 2 of the gratitude challenge
Challenge,  Gratitude Challenge

Day 2 of the gratitude challenge. My A – M list of things I am grateful for

Day 2 of the gratitude challenge.

My A – M list of things I am grateful for

Hello friends,

it is day 2 of the gratitude challenge that I started on February first 2018, incase you missed the earlier one you can read all about it here. On day two, we will use the alphabet as a fun and quick way of listing things for which we feel grateful. Feel free to share this with your social network, it is a way of spreading positivity and the more people in your network that take on the challenge, the more positivity we will have going around us as well as having our social interactions being more pleasant.

So  as not to bog you down with the length of this post (if I am to cover all the 26 letters of the Aphabet), I will break this post into two parts.

Day 2 of the Gratitude challenge

So here is  my A-M list of things that I am grateful for, keep on the look out for the N – Z list:

A Air | Africanness. I am grateful for the free fresh air that I get to breathe in everyday more especially in the country side with no pollution. I also celebrate my Africanness and heritage. Despite all the problems that we may have as a continent, I love our vast and diverse cultures, our sense of dress and style that is colourful and over- the -top, our various ceremonies and cultural norms such as marriage, child naming, initiation of  boys into adutlthood, the sense of community and belonging, our gifting with vast natural resources, our talents in music , dance and drama, our folk tales and so many more. I am a proud African queen.

B: Blog | Beauty | Brain. I am grateful for my website and blog where I get to freely express myself writing on things that I plan or those that randomly come to my mind, I get to inspire and motivate others as well as improve on my writing skills. Additionally I am also grateful for my beauty, it is not something that I worked for or contributed to but I do appreciate it. I know that I am beautiful and secure about how I look (It doesn’t mean that I am the most beautiful ), my  parents, family and those around me always complemented me on my beauty and this way I was confident and secure enough such that during my adolescent years  my beauty was a non starter in trying to impress or sway me. Finally, the human brain and its capabilities fascinate me, I truly belive that I have not yet fully explored the potential that my brain has. Look at all the inventions around you, someone thought about it. My  feelings about the brain is something deserving of its own article / post.

C: Children. I am so so so grateful for my four children Isa, Gaby, KC and Lexi, they are precious and wonderful gifts from God and I am so grateful that God chose me to be their mother. I learned and experienced the  true meaning of unconditional love through becoming a mother. Their love for me is sweet, pure and very innocent, they are sweet and kind to me that they always complement me, they think my abilities are limitless, they care so much for me and cheer me up whenever I appear sad or stressed, even when I don’t feel smart or well dressed they will always find something nice to tell me about my outfit, their hugs are so comforting ( though they are ones coming for the hugs always). My children add meaning, flavour and light to my life, they make every struggle worthwhile and for that I am grateful. 


D: Dogs.  I generally do not like animals or to be more accurate I fear animals, for some reason I think all animals will attack or hurt me in some way. So in 2009 we got our first dog ( hubby brought home a puppy without my consent) and we named him mumble after the Penguin in Happy feet, mumble was a german shepherd and so cute and playful and despite my inital misgivings about him we all warmed up to him. He was very intelligent and protective and we lived with him for about six years, then one day he fell ill and despite several visits to the Vet he did not make it and eventually passed on. That day was very sad and we all mourned him dearly. We eventually as a family got two more dogs whom we still have and they are part of the family, dogs are very loyal, protective and good companions and I am very grateful for our dogs.

E:  Experiences.  My experiences whether good or bad have shaped me into the person I am today and because of them my memories are richer and my life better.

F: Family. My family both nuclear and extended are of a great blessing to me, my family is part of my identity and we do life together, it is my support system, family is everything.

G: God | Gifts. I don’t know whether it is theologically correct to say that I am grateful for God but I am thankful that I have a living hope, that my life has more meaning, that I did not just appear on this earth and that there is more to me than what I see and that I do not cease to be upon death. I am thankful that there is a higher power, all powerful and all knowing, loving and just. That  I may not be able to prove God’s existence to anybody but that through my experiences and convictions…. I know that I know that I know that I know that God exists, that he is unexplainable, uncontainable, indescribable and He is beyond our wildest imaginations I am thankful that I have a spirit, a soul and a conscience through which  God ( the Holy Spirit ) speaks to me – that still small voice, that thing you say “something told me …..”. I am thankful that there is more to this life and that I do not have to be afraid.

In the same light, I am thankful for my God given gifts and natural abilities, I am thankful that I am very insightful and usually offer good advice, that I am good at brokering peace and unity and that I have tact, among others (this is not a brag post).

H: Health.  I am very thankful for my good health. Apart form the occassional flu and stress related headaches and discomfprts, I am a very healthy person, I am not health or fitness crazy and I enjoy my food and follow my  instincts / heart when choosing what healthy  lifestyle trends to take up.

I: Instincts | Icecream. I am thankful that I am so in touch with my inner being that I usually accurately read into things and situations ( I am not crazy). My sixth sense is sharp. I am also thankful that someone created icecream, I enjoy icecream in most flavors and it is one of my favourite things to do with my daughters whether it is over a large bucket of icecream at home watching a nice animated movie or while out  and about with them.

J: Job.  I am grateful for my job, through it I earn a living that sustains me and my family, I do meaningful work in my role and I find it stimulating and challenging. I hope that someday my job and my work will be aligned such that I accomplish my life’s purpose.

K: Knowledge. I am grateful that I hunger for knowledge , I try as much as possible to improve my knowledge and learn new things. I get motivated and challenged when I encounter somebody who knows a lot more than me, and if it is in my areas of interest I seek to know and learn. My role model in matters of knowledge is Daniel of the Bible whom  God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning, that there was no one like him and his three friends through out the kingdom. It is my greatest desire and my most frequent prayer  request to God that I gain more knowledge and understanding.

L: Life. I am thankful for my life, you see my name means life, the fullness of life. When I look back and see that there always seemed to be death all around me, I am sometimes tempted to think that I am alive because of my name. I am the only surviving child of my parents, the rest of  their other children died in infancy or  as miscarriages and this has always been a painful part of our family story where my mom most especially, lived in constant fear of losing me too more so when I was feeling unwell. I have survived certain life threatening situations such as drowning (twice),  escaping abduction by Kony’s LRA while in secondary school and still surviving what the doctors were calling a serious brain condition  (I will write about this in a future blog post).

M: Marriage | Music. I am grateful for my husband and for having a life partner to navigate life with. I am grateful for his companionship, love and support and for being a good father to our daughters. I  am also very thankful for the gift of music, there are so many quotes out there about music that you can search on google but life would be so “meh” without music. I am more especially grateful for classical musical, to me it is the purest most soul soothing and authentic kind of music, this music connects with me and touches my soul in a way that no other genre of music does, it improves my mood and makes me joyful. I hope to some day attend a classical music show or opera in Italy or atleast the UK.

Thank you for coming by, lets keep being grateful. I am already seeing some great improvements in my mood, I feel joyful and pleasant and I am sure that those interacting with me are getting the same vibe as well.




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