Celebrating New Beginnings

Celebrating new beginnings

Happy new year friends , a happy 2018 to you all!  I hope you all had a great time celebrating with your loved ones, friends and family.

I know the actual celebration is on new years eve spilling into a couple of hours of the first day of the new year. I usually go out to a party or hang at some cool place on new years eve but this time I just wanted to be home with my children, so we swtiched between watching movies and news stories on some places that had already entered into the new year showcasing  magnificient fireworks. Obviously there was lots of wine, mocktails and  snacks on hand as we waited for our own new year…. and by the time it clocked midnight we were all out of the house watching the fireworks screaming and hugging each other. New years day was spent at home as opposed to the usual trip to the beach or party somewhere.  Anyway, it was fun for all of us though a little different. How did you celebrate the holidays? Feel free to share with us all in the comments.


As already mentioned, the new year brings with it new hope and a chance at starting all over, many of us make resolutions at the start of the year with every intention of of keeping them. However 2 to 4 months into the year and we’ve forgotten all about the resolutions we made and then as we wind down the year in December, we remember that we made some resolutions which were not kept. Despite your track record of not keeping the resolutions, you not lose faith in setting, we all struggle with keeping our new years resolutions,  if  we improve our process and time spent making our resolutions then our success rate in achieving them will also improve. The reason why we all take the effort to make these resolutions is because you have taken stock of your life and experiences in the past year  resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior, so as to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve you life, so based on where you’re at in your life and the experience you have had through the past year, you have desires and goals you want to achieve.

So, regardless of how 2017 was for you, 2018 is here now –  grab the opportunity (if you haven’t already) to set your goals and aspirations for the new year.  Goal setting goals is something that you should take time to think about and reflect on, it is not just about wishing and dreaming and doing nothing about it. The goals you set should be SMART i,e


Celebrating new beginnings

  1.     Specific-  Write your goals in a simple and clear form.  Define what you are going to do. Be as specific as stating what is is, why and how.
  2. Measurable – Your goals should be measurable so that you have evidence that you accomplished what you set out to do.
  3. Achieveable – The goals you set should be achievable; they should stretch you a bit so you feel challenged, but define it sufficiently so that you can achieve them, otherwise you will feel very discouraged and abandon it all together. Goals are easier to achieve when you  possess the appropriate knowledge, skills,  abilities.
  4. Realistic –
  5. Time bound –  Link your goals to a set time by which you should have achieved or progressed on them so as to have some healthy pressure to actively work on accomplishing your goals.

Incase you have not yet properly thought through what you want to accomplish for this year, the time to do it is now (the year has only begun) and if you have already put in place your plans it is still okay to review it in line with the SMART principle. It is actually a good idea to review your performance so as to measure progress and take corrective action where things are going wrong.

Just like businesses and corporations do, it is a good idea at a personal level to set long term, medium term and short term goals. These are bassed on what you want to achieve in your life time and most times these goals are closely linked to your purpose and passion.

So, as you think about what you want to accomplish in 2018, below are some ideas to inspire you.

  1. Learn something new.

We are living in a time where education is becoming more accessible thanks to the internet. In addition to any formal classroom education you may have had , there are very many opportunities to learn for both personal development or career progression and most of these are free. The are many platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, Skillshare  etc …… that offer free or very affordable education. You can now learn almost anything you want.

I personally recommend Coursera, I have taken many courses in areas such as International Tax, Business Analytics, Data Science and Web development to mention a few. This year I am planning to enroll for a Specialisation in SEO and also Digitial marketing. The courses are well structured and you can take an individual course or a Specialisation which is a bundle of 4 to 8 courses with a capstome project. Incase you’re not yet sure of commiting to a course , you have the option of taking a one week trial to see if you like it then you can pay for it.

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Below are some recommended courses and specialisations for you to consider


2. Be healthy and be fit –

this does not necessarily mean that you want to lose weight but we need to keep our bodies active and healthy by eating right and excercising.  As part of my healthy lifestyle regimen I make healthy delicious smoothies every morning, its always packed with the nutrients I need for the day and it is so filling so I end up eating a little in the course of the day. Check out this smoothie recipe for ideas on what smoothies you can make and incorporate in your diet.

3. Reward yourself with a trip or vacation somewhere new

4. Any thing you may want to do

Here is to us all for a happy, healthy, prosperous, blessed 2018!

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