• The reason for the season is love
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    The reason for the season is love.

    Every year, billions of people Christian and non christian alike celebrate Christmas but do they really understand the true meaning of what they are celebrating? The Christmas season has been so commercialised that the reason for the season has with time been lost. We are all caught up in the in the shopping and  festivities and for some quite extravagantly, so it is time we stopped and reflected on why we celebrate Christmas. Let us go back to the beginning of how it all started and why we celebrate christmas…..there would be no christmas without Jesus.  I know some of you may actually get into the argument that the origins of…

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    Guide to buying the perfect Christmas tree

    The holidays are here and of course Christmas day is the highlight of the season, were now into blogmas Day 4 , you can catch up on Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3.  All the shopping, gifting parties and activities will majorly climax on christmas day.  For most people, the Christmas tree shopping and decorating for the holidays commences after the thanksgiving day, the weekend after thanks giving is when people in countries like America (USA) shop for and decorate their Christmas trees. If you are like me who comes from a place where not many celebate thanksgiving day let alone are aware of the existance of the…

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    Dear Santa

    My letter to Santa Claus. Dear Santa, my name is Biba, I hope you are not surprised by a letter from a fully grown woman. I know that you have been well much as I know that you have also been very busy especially during this time of the year as Christmas approaches. You see Santa , I decided to write you this letter because I believe that you are out there in the universe and we may commonly call you Santa but I believe you have many names depending on our different experiences with you., however, all these names mean the same thing………… that you grant all our hearts…