• encouraging quotes

    Encouraging quotes

    Hold off on the encouraging quotes and words Hi friends, my previous post about showing up and being present, was inspired by a short piece I wrote a few years back when I was feeling down and not wanting to hear any encouraging quotes or words.  So here it is…….. You say that its darkest at dawn but how long does dawn last for it feels like my dawn has lasted forever You say joy comes in the morning But when will my morning break It feels like it has been night all along How many actual mornings must I wake up to before it really feels like morning You…

  • Biba

    Dreams fascinate me

     Dreams fascinate me I have always been fascinated by dreams and I am one of those people that dream almost every time I go to sleep, I do not know what this means but there are people who have told me that I am not normal for dreaming almost every time I go to sleep but then I have this friend who has also told me that those who do not dream have issues with their soul….. she’s told me something like your soul is dead. Through my entire life I have always had questions about dreams…. What is a dream? An article on Medical News Today define dreams to…

  • Celebrating New Beginnings

    Celebrating new beginnings

    Happy new year friends , a happy 2018 to you all!  I hope you all had a great time celebrating with your loved ones, friends and family. I know the actual celebration is on new years eve spilling into a couple of hours of the first day of the new year. I usually go out to a party or hang at some cool place on new years eve but this time I just wanted to be home with my children, so we swtiched between watching movies and news stories on some places that had already entered into the new year showcasing  magnificient fireworks. Obviously there was lots of wine, mocktails…

  • Biba Style

    Biba Style

    Your personal style is an expression of who you are and fashion is just a small bit of your style. It is the way you dress, talk  and move your body, it is what you communicate about you without even saying a word. Your style is very closely connected to your brand and how you want people to perceive you. Each person has a personal style that the rest of us sees, and this may be deliberately defined by you or something you gravitate towards unconsciously. Your  circumstances, interests and lifestyle also play a apart in your style choices. Personally, my style preference is effortlessly chic, this means that I prefer simple…

  • Unpredictable

    Is being unpredictable a good trait to have?

    She is so unpredictable  That was the head teacher’s remark in my report card for the last school term of the second year of my secondary school education. I was not too worried about it and I sort of thought it might be a good thing to say about someone, also my grades were really good so I didn’t think my guardian would pay much attention to the comment. How wrong I was!!! It was the focus of his talk with me and he never acknowledged my good performance, he was convinced that I must have done something terribly wrong that justified the headtecher’s remark. I was at a loss on what…

  • full-time queen

    Who is a full time queen

      “In the game of chess, the queen is the most powerful piece,  able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Each player starts the game with one queen, placed in the middle of the first rank next to the king. She can move as many squares as she desires and in any direction (barring any obstructions).” – Wikipedia In most of my bios or “about me” sections on social media and other web platforms, I have often described myself as a full-time queen. Here  is my version of who a full-time queen is……. She’s not of royal descent She’s not married to a king She’s not entitled She is a Queen…

  • Biba

    Happy new month and happy birthday to me!

    I am an October baby and a Libra girl yay……….. Happy October and happy birthday to me! I am always excited about the month of October because it’s my birth month and what  a great way to start off the last quarter of the year with my birthday. As I steadily navigate my thirties, I have reaised that I actually look forward to my birthday more and do not dread the fact that I am growing older. I am at a stage in my life where where I am happy, I have accepted myself the way I am and comfortable in my own skin. I am less inclined to pleasing…