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    Embracing and loving my natural hair

    Natural hair is beautiful and versatile. For many years my hair  was not well taken care of,  as I do not obsess much over my hair so it was usually dry, brittle and a bit dull.  I also think that much as I did not take good care of my hair I was not gifted with good quality hair (some qualities or features are inherited)….. My hair is thin, weak, very slow growing and a winner at shrinkage. I am one of those you would to refer to at school as having kaweke or PQ ( poor quality). I hate spending time at the salon / hair dresser’s, I usually…

  • Cuppa tea anyone
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    Any time is tea time

    Is any time tea time? Well, for me ….yes! Tea is a beverage I enjoy taking and it is one of the most consumed beverages world over.  It  can be enjoyed almost anywhere, any time and you can sip on some tea during various activities such as; While performing your tasks on your work desk, on the couch watching TV or reading a great book in your car as you’re stuck in traffic  in the front yard catching up with your guests / friends in the kitchen as you prep dinner Even in your bedroom just before going to sleep. In case you are a little hungry you could even…