Vivian aka Biba

Hey, my name is Vivian but you can call me Biba.

Welcome to my website bibablog.com, this is a space for positivity, self- love, inspiration, motivation and well being. I am so glad you  made it here and I hope you keep coming back to catch up on new content and review old posts. We could as well become friends and keep up with each other by you subscribing so as to get instant updates on new posts.

So, who is Biba?

Biba identifies as African, Ugandan and Female, she is a mommy, a wife and a friend. I am a lover and worshipper of God , I am a queen because I know my worth and place.I am a professional transitioning into a dream and purpose chaser. I am insightful and reflective and makes me a good listener and advise giver. Those that know me have referred to me as a deep thinker with quite an unpredictable character.

I am a firm believer in one finding their purpose and living their life authentically…… in other words be you and do you. Know who you are and live out your truth. I am also a fire fanner, motivator and cheer leader, a perpetual learner and I believe that there is always something to learn in any given encounter and this results in self improvement.

As you explore Biba blog you will find content on my various interests such as wellness (mind,body and soul), travel  (my travel stories, inspiration and travel essentials), gardening,  and cooking.

So, as you browse through this website, any feedback in form of questions and comments is welcome, also it would be great to connect and engage with you through Email, Contact Page and on any of my social media accounts.

Here’s to you, a valued visitor and reader; may you be inspired, motivated, informed and entertained.

Remember to always spread light and always be kind,