5 wonderful things I am grateful for
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5 wonderful things I am grateful for

5 wonderful things I am grateful for.

Its day five of the 21 day gratitude challenge and I am grateful that I have made it to day 5. Some days will be fun and others not so much depending on what the area for gratitude is. According to the guide , today’s challenge is to be grateful  all of the wonderful things that you currently have in your life, to not long for what you don’t possess but instead, take stock of all the blessings you already enjoy. Well I am struggling with this today and finding it really hard to list the things I am grateful for but I am not one to back down from a challenge so I am going to give it my best shot because in return for your support in coming to read these posts, you deserve my best efforts and I assure you all that I always put in my best.

So in tackling today’s challenge, I am sharing my list of 5 wonderful things that  I am grateful for and these comprise personal style items and stuff that I use to make my life easier or to look better, these reflect my personal style and other stuff. Here it goes;

    1. My Home: I am greatful that I have a beautiful spacious home that I co-own with my spouse and that it is a safe haven for me and my family.
    2. Books – novels to be specific. From the time I could read I loved to read books, I had friends in lower primary who always had those classic story books for children like the fairy tales like Cindrella, Jack and the bean stalk, Rapunzel, beauty and the beast…. and so on. I would read these books so quickly  because the quicker I read them the sooner I would get another.On to Secondary school I joined the famous St Mary’s college Aboke, a school managed by white catholic missionaries- the comboni missionaries. St Mary’s had such a huge library and the novels section was so big you could get and read anything from Romance stories,  adventures,  crime thrillers and investigative thrillers. My favourite authors then were Robert Ludlum, Jeffery and others I dont remember ……… then my friend introduced me to the “hardcore” (for my age) authors like Danielle Steel, I am sure there were controls in place to ensure you only accessed age appropriate books but you know how the teenage years can be…. you do exactly what you are told not to do and we had our ways… curiousity always had the best of us. When I got into high school (A-Level) I had moved to anew school and it was time for serious study, Mathematics has always been my favourite subject and I always excelled at it but the Math I found in A level was something else especially the mechanics paper, it was so hard that I had to fully concentrate in order to qualify for a good course at the University so my novel reading hobby took a back seat. Years into my working life, coupled with marriage and motherhood I found it hard to keep up with this hobby until I discovered mobile apps like audible and ebook readers like kindle. Now my favourite thing to every night before bed is lay on my bed and listen to a chapter or two if I am not up for reading. 
    3. Long free falling dresses. I am grateful that I have a huge collection of huge flowy dresses ( most times these are in bridesmaid collections), I never seem to have enough of these dresses. I feel so comfortable, smart and effortlessly chic in these dresses, especially those made from soft light fabric like chiffon and silk, the dress  just delicately glides over your frame losely hinting at your shape. This is my go to style for Sunday Church  Service  and weddings ( though I change it up every now and then as some of my friends are sick of me in long dresses). I believe that I should always look my best when going in the presence of God as there is no better reason to dress upm it is also my opinion that when someone invites you to their event you should respect them enough to dress well and appropriately (obviously within your means), below are some examples of the dresses.
 4.  Lipstick: Someone at work was looking for me  but didn’t know my name and described as the lady with red lips….ha.  I actually do not wear red lipstick, it is usually plum or maroon and very rarely nude but I do wear lipstick every day of the week as longs as I am stepping out of my home.  I am yet to find the perfect nude shade for my skin tone, I have bought nude lipsticks several times before but each time what I see is not what I get, I always end up looking ashy / ghostly and to wear it I have to have other colours and lip liners to blend with to get the perfect shade…. which is too much work for me. I just want to apply my lipstick and go, lipstick is the only sort of make up I wear, nothing else. The reason why I love lipstick is that it transforms my overall look in an instant, and I love how my lips look  with lipstick. I am blessed with full nicely shaped lips and I like them. Some concerned people keep warning me about the potential health hazards of lipstick and no amount of how I always invest in a good quality lipstick, and how I do not eat my lipstick is reassuring but the thing is that I love my lipstick and thnakful that I have a great collection (Vain? Yes).
 5. The internet. 

What were doing before the internet, like so much of my daily work and personal activities  involve the internet and I recently published a post on how you can get great value while using the internet. You can read it here , I literally find it hard to go a whole day  without checking for something on the internet. The internet is  where I get all my news, enroll on several courses  (free and paid), shop and transact on line, connected with strangers and made friend and so many other things. I am so grateful that access to the internet is  only growing and I pray that we all use it responsibly so as to benefit everybody.

I did it! I honestly was not feeling like writing anything today but thank God I did, and for that I am also grateful.

Thank you for coming by and keep being grateful,

Blessings, Biba

5 wonderful things I am grateful for

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